CDI MessageBus

Working on migration projects, I often have to share data between the old Swing part and the new JavaFX part.

To send data in a SE-environment from part A to part B you can use a MessageBus. Based on the Guava – EventBus 

you can use the cdi-commons MessageBus now.

The code is available at (

On producer and consumer – side you will get the MessageBus per inject.


The consumer has to implement an MessageBusCallback<T> with the consumer method.


An example is available as jUnit-Test (MessageBusTest)


The Class TestCallbackData is a pojo itself.

After you register the Callback instance with messageBus.registerCallBack(callBack); the consumer is ready to work.

If you don´t want to get the messages anymore, call messageBus.destroyCallBack(callBack);

The producer “only” has to fill the message with the data and send this via; Thats it!!



Finally the full UML-diagramm.




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